Our Vision

Koray GYO intends

• to elevate all its processes and organization regarding business development, project management, sales and after sales customer relationships, and financial management to a level equivalent to that of the best real estate companies in the world through creating a performance-oriented company culture;
• to become one of the leading establishments in the sector in the subjects of real estate development, and creating value in real estate by establishing strategic cooperation with the management, marketing, and design companies that are the best in the world in their fields;
• To develop projects that adds value for its partners and customers through continuity of optimum risk-return performance.

Our Mission

Koray GYO has concentrated all its experience, knowledge and energy on actualizing human-oriented projects creating difference that conform to the continuously developing and changing requirements of urban life. It intends to draw the acclaim and attention of target audience through comfortable living spaces and through value-creating investments that bring together functionality and aesthetics in contemporary urban architecture.

Our Strategy

• Our strategy is to establish the optimal balance of resources and investments in order to maximize by thoroughly analyzing macroeconomic developments;
• to arrange our strategy and portfolio distribution in a manner that will adapt to all kinds of economic conditions by correctly analyzing the market's expectations for the future;
• to plan our strategic roadmap as compatible with our vision through our competitive edge provided by our quality professional management staff on financial management, sales and marketing, project development and management.
• to manage the risk-return balance in such manner as to create maximum value for our partners.